Helio Test set for Amsterdam / GST2

Helio Test set for Amsterdam / GST2
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Helio Test set for Amsterdam / GST2

Test set to perform the Helio test in combination with an IGT printability tester.

The printability of paper in gravure printing is depending on a number of properties of the paper, such as the condition of the surface, the dynamic compressibility, the wet ability and porosity of the paper. Measurement of only one of these physical characteristics does not permit prediction of the printability with certainty. The Helio test, which integrates all these parameters, is used for forecasting of printability, even for papers with similar properties. The Heliotest, developed by CTP at Grenoble, France, can be used for all grades of gravure printing paper.

Can be used in combination with the following IGT Printability testers:

  • Amsterdam 1, 2 , 5 and 6
  • AIC2-5T2000
  • AIC2-5
  • Global Standard Tester 2 and 3H
  • A1-3 and A2-3

For more information look at the test method information W41 Helio test

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