Rubber blankets for IGT printing discs

Rubber blankets for IGT printing discs
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Rubber blankets for IGT printing discs

From time to time the IGT rubber blanket discs need their rubber blanket to be replaced.

​For this purpose IGT has seperate rubber blankets available in different sizes, for UV or conventional inks.
​These rubber blankets are self adhesive, which makes it very easy to replace them and stick them on the specific IGT disc.

​It is also possible to send your disc to the IGT office for replacement. The advantage is that the edges and the ridge will be sealed. This leads to a longer lifetime of the disc, compaired to the ones with just the self adhesive rubber blanket, as the solvents will not get under the rubber blanket so easily.

​Please contact us for prices and delivery times.

When ordering the seperate rubber blankets, always mention the article number of the disc. This way we can make sure you will receive the right type and size.





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