A2-3 Refurbished

A2-3 Refurbished
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A2-3 Refurbished

No longer in production, only second hand units available.

 Conventional models manually operated testers.
•Easy to clean
•Simple to operate

IGT Testing Systems has for many decades been supplying the well-known A1 and A2 printability testers for making numerous tests on different substrates and inks in quality control and research. This tester, although for a substantial part replaced by the electrical models AIC2-5, Global Standard Tester, C1 and Orange Proofer are still demanded and produced.
•Tests small quantities of ink and substrate under specified conditions.
•Saves costs because many tests can be done before going to press.

The test strips made with the A1-3 or A2-3 printability tester are suitable for many purposes, contact IGT for detailed test descriptions (W-leaflets):
•measuring colour with colour measuring systems, spectrophotometers
•visual appraisal
•density measurements, including establishing tolerances
•determination of coverage, scratch resistance, wear resistance, flexibility, adhesion and gloss, ink transfer (in g/m2), light fastness and resistance to chemicals
•testing of printing quality, picking, roughness, Heliotest, printing penetration, set-off, striking through, loose and weakly bound paper articles

The A1-3 and A2-3 testers print on all sorts of materials like paper, board, plastic film, cellophane, laminate, metal, etc.

The testers are used in the following industries:
•printing ink, paper and board, printers
•metal, plastic and packaging industries
•resin, lacquer and coating industries
•raw material industry
•training and education

The IGT A1-3 and A2-3 sets come with a set of printing discs for pick testing and different other tests, paper packings, a sector with clamps and an adjustable packing stretcher. Accessories are available for IGT Print (oil) penetration test, IGT Roughness test and gravure as well as a range of printing discs.

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