Amsterdam 5

Amsterdam 5
Article number: 725.000.000
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Amsterdam 5

Multi-purpose printability tester with 5 print shafts.

New range of Printability testers with integrated, camera based, analysis systems. The range consits of devices with one to 6 printing shaft for maximum flexibility of test methods. The long range of test methods can be extended with user defined methods. With that it is capable to perform all tests of a Global Standard Tester P plus the tests of a Global Standard Tester 2 and more.

Additionally it is prepared to do on-line analysis of mottling with a camera based analysis system.
•1 to 6 printing shafts, each can be equipped with a drive for printing in register if needed
•Very small interval times, down to 0,2 s
•Large number of test methods
•Very easy in operation
•In-line analysis of several test methods
•Export of scanned images

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