Drying Time Tester

Drying Time Tester
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Drying Time Tester

The Drying Time Tester is designed to determine the absorption behaviour and drying time of inks printed on paper, carton, plastic or metal foils.
Set-off characteristics of otherwise coated or laminated materials can also be tested.

The Drying Time Tester is equipped with 8 test stations, arranged at equal distances from each other. Each station consists of one 25mm wide pressure application roller and a corresponding counter roller.

Printed or laminated samples are placed with the printed side upwards, facing a reference set-off paper, or the back, or the front of a same paper, and run through the test station at a fixed speed.
The wet ink film produces a 25mm-wide set-off trace on the counter paper until the ink film is completely dry. The duration of the drying respectively the drying time can be determined by measuring the length and density of the set-off trace on the counter paper in relation to the selected speed of movement. The speed can be set between 10 and 200 mm/h.

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