Global Standard Tester 1W

Global Standard Tester 1W
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Global Standard Tester 1W

GST 1W: Multi-purpose printability tester with single print shaft at accellerating speed, especially designed to perform the Westvaco Pick Test

The tester 1 W is especially developed to carry out the pick test according to the Westvaco method. The tester is equipped with a fully integrated Westvaco system with pneumatic metering system for pick oil. All tests that are possible on the Global Standard Tester 1 can also be carried out on this tester.

Standard tests:
• Picking with Westvaco system
• Picking with aluminium printing disc (ISO 3783, TAPPI T514 and SCAN P 63.90)
• Picking with rubber printing disc
• Toner adherence
• Linting
• Printing penetration
• Roughness
• Felt- or wire-side
• Roughness on rubber blanket

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