Global Standard Tester 3H

Global Standard Tester 3H
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Global Standard Tester 3H

GST 3H: Multi-purpose printability tester with single print shaft, specially designed to perform the Helio Test.

This tester is equipped with a fully integrated Heliotest doctor blade and pneumatic ink metering system. The tester is supplied with constant speed and one printing shaft. Even though this tester has especially been developed to carry out the Heliotest (gravure printing), it is also possible to install other accessories on the tester, which make many applications possible.

Standard tests:
• Heliotest
• Gravure printing
• Toner adhesion (EN 12283)
• Colour / density (ISO 2846-1, -2, -3, -5)
• Chemical resistances (ISO 2836)
• Printing smoothness
• Scumming test
• Mottle
• Carbon copy
• Fluff
• Ink absorption
• Halftone screen printing
• Gloss (ISO 15995)
• Ink transfer
• Copying ability and smearing of self-copying paper and carbon paper
• Embossing

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