Simply Gravure

Simply Gravure
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Simply Gravure

Simply Gravure: printing device for the production of colour prints with gravure inks.

Low cost, integrated printing device for the production of colour prints with gravure inks. The device has limited functions for the small print shop making only a few drawdowns per day or even per week.

This is the ideal replacement for a hand roller but in conformance with ISO 2834-2

The IGT Simply gravure is especially suitable for:
• Small and medium size print houses who make only a very small amount of colour drawdowns
• Printers making small runs e.g. for stationary with corporate colours or Pantone colours in very small amounts
• Printers using currently a hand roller but in the need for something providing a full imaget
• Preparing prints for colour and density measurement for simple colour matching applications (more demanding applications may need an F1 or G1-5)
• Evaluation of print gloss, abrasion, flexibility, fastness’s, resistances

The IGT Simply Gravure consists of a doctor blade and a printing unit with fixed printing form.
The substrate is attached to a substrate carrier. A small amount of ink has to be applied on the printing form. After an ink distribution of a few revolutions. the substrate carrier can be fed through the nip and a print is made, after which the substrate is removed for appraisal and the printing form and doctor blade are cleaned.

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