From time to time, we get the question what IGT stands for? For this, we must go back in time. IGT Testing Systems is the successor of IGT, the Institute for Graphic Technique T.NO., which was founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1939. This research institute for the printing industry, was initially housed at the Amsterdam Graphic School and moved to Plantage Muidergracht (Amsterdam) in 1942.

In 1951 it moved into its own new building on Ter Gouwstraat (Amsterdam).

At the time, 27 people were working at IGT. The institute served the printing industry and its suppliers. It researched industry problems, established “best practices”, developed tests and testing equipment, and a large collection of documentation on machines, tools, and methods.

In 1978, 48 people were employed by IGT. Unfortunately, the institute had problems with their its image and finances, as these were mainly coming from the printing industry. Furthermore, T.N.O. decided to focus on other areas.

In 1982, the institute on the Ter Gouwstraat closed. A few members of the “old” institute staff founded a new company called Reprotest, taking over part of the activities of the IGT institute, but now on a commercial basis. Instead of being a research institute, the focus was now on the development and sales of printability testers (A1-3, A2-3, AE, AIC2-5) and its world renowned IGT test methods (IGT Pick test, IGT Print Penetration and Set off test, etc).

In 1990, the IGT C1 for colour proofing was developed.

In 1995, Reprotest moved to new premises in the South East part of Amsterdam.

In 1996, the name changed to IGT Reprotest. Under this name more, currently, well-known equipment was developed; the F1 for Flexo, the G1 for gravure, the Global Standard Testers and High-Speed Inking Unit 4 as well as the Orange Proofer and the Tack Tester 450.

In 2001, the name IGT Reprotest was then changed into IGT Testing Systems as this was easier to use on an international level and would also be a better fit to the activities of the company as it did not only focus on the printing industry, but also on the paper industry, ink industry, packaging industry, etc.

In 2010, IGT Testing Systems took over the company IGT Emus in Leipzig, Germany.

In 2012, IGT Testing Systems took over the company Testprint BV, well known for the TackOscope equipment.

End 2015, IGT Testing Systems, moved to its current location in Almere, The Netherlands.

From this location we continue to produce test equipment to fulfil the needs of the current market and its customers. Modernization of production processes and techniques have led to the development of the latest range of IGT testers; the IGT Amsterdam.

IGT will continue to develop and produce equipment and test methods for and together with our customers with the aim to optimize production processes and improve the end product.

IGT Testing Systems head office is based in Almere, The Netherlands. IGT has offices in Chicago, USA, Singapore and Japan. IGT is represented by more than 40 representatives throughout the whole world.

IGT Testing Systems participates actively in: CEPI, IARIGAI, FTA, DFTA, NAPIM, ISO, TAPPI, NEN, VIGC