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NEW: IGT Delamination Viewers

NEW: IGT Delamination Viewers

Delamination is defined as a blister; the coating did not tear but came loose from the base paper. This phenomenon is often visible on coated boards and the start is very often not visible with the bare eye after the print. For that reason, a special delamination viewer has been developed.

With this, the delamination of coated paper or board can be determined with a radius of 40 mm. The grazing light makes it easier to see where the delamination starts.

There are two types of delamination viewers: a V-shape for board and a U-shape for paper.

Article number                            Description

  • 441.000.040.090             Delamination viewer R40, for board (V-shape)
  • 441.000.040.180              Delamination viewer R40, for paper (U-shape)


Both are very easy to use, just slide the printed sample in the U- or V-shape and move it until blistering is visible on the bottom of the shape.

Standardize the assessments of your test results with the IGT Delamination viewer.

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