Physical properties

Physical properties of paper and board, ink properties and paper-ink interaction

For many years IGT has provided laboratory testing facilities to the industry in the field of printability and since a few years a number of tests for ink properties have been added.
Recognizing the importance of an independent test facility on the physical properties of paper and board, IGT Testing Systems has taken over the paper laboratory of PaperlinX  (former Proost en Brandt, a renowned paper wholesale company in The Netherlands) after it went into administration.  Not just the equipment but also the lab technician who used to work there. The reputation of this laboratory was excellent and therefor has added value for IGT and closes the gap between paper, ink and printability testing.

Both the fact that IGT is an official Distributing Laboratory as well as one of the Coordinating Laboratories for CEPI CTS (- Comparative Testing Service, also known as Round Robin) and the possibility to now perform tests that go beyond printability and the interaction of fluids (inks, water etc.) with substrates, namely to look into possible causes of (re)occurring phenomena on the level of the substrate at hand, made the decision to expand our activities in the area of independent third party laboratory testing a logical one.

Overview of test principles

The IGT lab has the equipment to perform a whole series of tests, a list of which is given here.