The IGT Amsterdam printability testers feature a high level of
automation. Each action is performed by an internal computer, that
controls all components: the correct positioning of the printing disc,
the moment of applying pressure of each individual printing shaft,
the exact force of the printing disc on the sector, the start of the
print, the printing with constant or increasing speed according to a
specific speed profile and the activation of the camera that makes a
high-resolution scan for the analysis. These settings have been preprogrammed per test method and cannot be altered by the user. Of
course, testmethods for which options in settings, like (end)speed, are
neccessary, the possibility to change these settings are given to the
operator. Because of this, the IGT Amsterdam is a very user-friendly
instrument, which guarantees a uniform way of execution for each
specific test method. The operator is prompted to perform certain
actions and at the end of each test the results are presented on the


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