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IGT Testing Systems supplies the printability testers for offset inks. These testers are easy to operate and very successful all over the world. The C1 and Orange proofers makes colour strips with offset inks with a known ink film thickness, which can be used for many purposes. It has especially been designed for use in colour measuring and colour matching systems. They saves on costs (down time of the printing presses and waste of materials), because colour testing on the printing presses is no longer necessary.


The printability testers are used in the ink laboratories to produce colour strips in a very reproducible way. These strips are suitable to test many properties as e.g. Colour and transparency | Ink transfer in g/m² | Density | Covering power | Wear resistance | Scratch resistance | Flexibility | Adhesion | Gloss | Light fastness | Resistance to chemicals | Set off | Mottle | Striking through | Print quality | Visual appraisal.

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