IGT UV Dryer 12-2

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Article number: 496.000.275

Compact UV dryer for use with printability test equipment. Version with fixed curing power and variable speed.

The compact IGT UV curing devices are designed for continuous, quick curing of UV inks and varnishes on flat substrates, like paper, plastic, ceramics, glass or metal, for small size prints. In the graphic arts industry the compact UV devices are used in the pre-press department to cure test prints for colour matching. They are also used in R&D laboratories of ink and chemical suppliers. The testers have variable conveyer belt speeds, adjustable lamp output power and easily exchangeable lamps.
On the tested objects the heat, curing properties and adhesion can be controlled in a reproducible way close to practical circumstances.
There are two basic models available: the IGT UV Dryer L device and the IGT UV Dryer “Compact” device (version with 1 or 2 lamps).

The main difference between these models is that the IGT UV Dryer L has adjustable lamp output and an integrated air exhaust which can be connected to a lab exhaust.

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2 lamps, Belt width 180 mm, Maximum drying width 60 mm, Passage height Standard adjustment: 12 mm, adjustable 12 – 50 mm, Belt length 750 mm


•Very high reflector efficiency: Strong elliptic aluminium semi-reflector scales
•Compact model, easy to transport
•Passage height easily adjustable from 12  – 50 mm
•Easy  to operate
•Quick & easy replacement of UV lamp on the reflector side
•Very narrow lamp head with quartz filter
•Stable performance even with fluctuating power supply
•Very short start up time including increased re-start performance
•Long lamp life


2 types of UV lamps are available:

496.001 UV Lamp, Standard for IGT UV Dryer 12
496.002 UV Lamp, Non-Ozon for IGT UV Dryer 12


Technical information for the UV lamp 496.001 and the wavelength diagram

  • Ignition Voltage Peak: 3500 V
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 230 V
  • Lamp Voltage: 125 V
  • Power: 800 W
  • Overall length: 125,5 mm
  • Arc length: 60 mm
  • Bulb Diameter: 16 mm