Ink Rub tester (Sutherland type)

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Article number: 510.000.100

The Sutherland-type Ink Rub tester is an advanced instrument designed for automating the rubbing of a test strip with precise control over pressure, speed, and optional temperature. This process aids in evaluating the resistance to abrasion of prints, a crucial property for printed materials. The potential damage caused by abrasion during transportation, storage, handling, or usage can lead to the degradation of image quality and readability of information.

This Ink Rub tester facilitates a systematic comparison of the abrasion resistance among various materials under carefully controlled conditions. Moreover, it offers versatility by accommodating weights for both higher and lower forces, and additionally provides options for heated weights (designated as article no. 510.000.200). This adaptability ensures a comprehensive assessment of material performance, making the Ink Rub tester a valuable tool for industries where print quality and durability are paramount.

Applicable standards: ASTM D5264, Tappi T 830. The Sutherland type Ink Rub tester is fully compatible with the Finat FTM 27.

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Technical details

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 23 × 31 × 28 cm
Dimensions (d x w x h) cm