LintView tester

Standard delivery time: 10-12 weeks

Article number: 515.000.100

Linting of uncoated paper types can lead to problems during printing or processing of paper. For the paper industry it is also important to be able to test the paper for any tendency to loose fibres during the production process. With the LintView Tester, IGT Testing Systems has a fast, simple and accurate system to detect lint.

The linting of uncoated paper types is caused by the release of fibres or fibre bundles from the surface of the paper. This form of linting must not be confused with problems involving paper dust or with the picking of the coating from coated paper types. Dust is not part of the paper and is released easily, shedding of these dust particles during printing does not damage the paper, but does cause printing problems. Pick of the coating on coated paper types also causes problems, but considerably more force is needed for pick to occur than for linting, such as happens with high tack inks.

Fast, simple and accurate

There are various test methods for determining and measuring linting. These tests are often time consuming, which makes them expensive, or they do not always deliver the information required.

Moreover, tests take place at a late stage in the process, namely when the paper is already on the printing press – often months after the paper is manufactured. It is important for paper manufacturers to be able to test the paper quickly, easily and accurately during production, on the front and rear and across the width of the paper machine. It must also be possible to analyse the measured data quickly so that the tendency to lint can be identified and suppressed. With the LintView Tester, this is now possible.

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  • Uses the latest High Definition technology. Can detect particles as small as 3 μm
  • Calculates Particle Size Distribution
  • Delivers results within 30 s
  • Allows for generating a Cross Direction Profile of the Dusting tendency
  • Automatically archiving of results and images generated during the tests

Power supply 100Vac-240Vac / 50-60Hz, 125VA

Substrate carriers

  • 515.000.001 standard
  • 515.000.002 for tissue and papers with high linting resistance

Technical details

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 72 × 60 × 80 cm
Variable adjustable speed mm/s


Variable adjustable force N