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AIC2-5T2000: Multi-purpose printability tester with dual print shafts.

IGT Testing Systems has for many decades been supplying the well-known AIC2-5 printability tester for making numerous tests on different substrates and inks in quality control and research.
•Tests small quantities of ink and substrate in conditions simulating actual practice.
•Makes colour strips with various inks on different substrates, which can be used for numerous purposes.
•Saves costs because many tests do not need to be made on the printing presses.

•High repeatability and reproducibility
•Simple to operate
•Extensive range of accessories
•Large range of possible tests
•Consistent results
•The original ISO 3783 compliant pick tester

The test strips made on the AIC2-5 printability tester are suitable for many purposes:
•measuring colour with colour measuring systems/spectrophotometers
•use in colour matching systems
•visual appraisal
•density measurements, including establishing tolerances
•determination of coverage, scratch resistance, wear resistance, flexibility, adhesion and gloss, ink transfer (in g/m²), light fastness and resistance to chemicals
•testing of printing quality, picking, wet pick and wet repellence, roughness, print penetration, Heliotest, set-off, striking through, mottle, loose and weakly bound paper articles

The AIC2-5 tester prints on different materials like paper, board, plastic film, cellophane, laminate, metal, etc. The AIC2-5 tester is used in the following industries:
•printing ink, paper and board, printers
•metal, plastic and packaging industries
•resin, lacquer and coating industries
•raw material industry
•training centres

Sturdy construction for intensive use over a long period; easy and quick to clean many accessories available for a very wide range of processing possibilities for various substrates and offset, gravure and flexo inks; substrate, ink and printing form are simple and quick to change reproducibility is extremely good, high degree of simulation of actual practice.

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