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Gravure set

Gravure set

Standard delivery time: 6-8 weeks
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Attachment to execute Gravure tests.

Can be executed on the following IGT Printability testers:

  • Amsterdam 1, 2 , 5 and 6
  • AIC2-5T2000
  • AIC2-5
  • Global Standard Tester 2 and 3H
  • A1-3 and A2-3

For more information look at the test method information W67 Gravure (180°) and W73 Gravure (360°)


Complete set for executing the Gravure test.

The content of the set is depending of the IGT Printability Tester on which it will be used.

Therefor we kindly ask you to mention the name and serialnumber of the equipment for which equipment the set is intended.

Technical details

Weight: 0.00kg
Dimensions(L x W x H): 0cm x 0cm x 0cm
Standard delivery time: 6-8 weeks
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