IGT Pick Test oil

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IGT Pick test oil, tube 70 ml


Picking of paper is defined as the damage of the paper surface during the printing operation

At the time the printing form is lifted off the paper, the ink is exerting a certain force on the paper. This force increases with an increase in the viscosity and tack of the ink and the printing speed. When this force exceeds a certain value, the surface of the paper will be damaged.

Standardized test methods using IGT Pick test oil

W31 IGT Pick & Delamination ISO 3783:2006, Tappi T 514 and T 575, NEN 3095:1990 nl, SCAN P 63.90, W38 Pick: Westvaco method, W65/W75 Pick: Offset, W55 Toner adhesion DIN EN 12283 constant speed, W56 Toner adhesion at increasing speed, W33 Fluff testing.

IGT has the convenorship in ISO/TC 6/SC 2 for printability and TAPPI Process and Product Quality Councel pick testing as well as several participations in other working groups as technical expert.


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IGT Pick test oils for W31, W38, W65, W75, ISO 3783, Tappi 514 and T575, for toner adhesion W55, W56 and fluff testing W33.

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