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NBS Automated Pressuring Device (Driver)

NBS Automated Pressuring Device (Driver)

Standard delivery time: 4-6 weeks
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Accessory fitting on all NBS crumpling devices to automate the pressuring process.

IGT Testing Systems has developed a device that can eliminate the variation in applied pressure. The NBS Automated Pressuring Device – ensures that the plunger is always pushed down with the same force. When the weight begins to rise it exerts a pressure of 100 N over a fixed period and so the danger of the crumpled ball being pushed too far is eliminated. The crumple test produces this way more reproducible test results. All versions of NBS crumple testers fit on the NBS Automated Pressuring Device which can therefore be ordered for use with all existing devices.


Replaces the manual operation and applies force until the 100 N is reached.


Technical details

Weight:5 kg
Dimensions(L x W x H):25 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm
Main application:To eliminate the variation in applied mannual pressure on the NBS Crumpling Device.
Conformance with standards/W-leaflet:
Water bath and temperature:
Speed range and modes:
Forces:100 N Automatically
Substrate requirements:
Interval time and number:
Printing shafts type and options:
Shaft positioning:
Lifting system:Automatically
Print length and width:
Printing discs:
Sector positioning:
Sector type and options:
Doctoring system:
Dispensing system:
Pre-programmed tests:
Analysis options:
Software updates:
Data export options:
Additional items:422.000 NBS Crumpling device
Inks or liquids:
Inking speeds:
Inking programs:
Top rollers:
Compatible instruments:
Measurement range:
Light source/ power/angle:
Shelf life:
Use life:
Description of property:
Power Supply Requirements:115/230 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Guarantee:Standard one year
Space requirements:0,2 m²
Standard delivery time:4-6 weeks


You can download the brochure here.

Technical Details

Weight5 kg
Dimensions25 × 20 × 30 cm

Dimensions(L x W x H)

Main application


Lifting system

Additional items

Power Supply Requirements


Space requirements

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