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SimplyMix Mixer

SimplyMix Mixer

With the IGT SimplyMix, fluids of disparate viscosities can be mixed quickly and evenly. Powders of widely differing densities can be made into a homogeneous blend in 10 to 12 s.

Powders can be treated with liquids, flushed colours can be mixed with varnishes in similar time frames. Therefore, mixing paint and quality testing can be done within minutes.

Standard delivery time: 48 Hours
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The IGT SimplyMix Mixer is an economical laboratory-sized instrument for the rapid mixing of small amounts of different materials that would otherwise require a long time and/or effort to mix.

• Dual-stage start function reduces gear & wear, prolongs life
• Touch panel operation
• Digital display with multiple icons indicates different states of the mixer
• Long-lasting, enhanced motor, delivering high-speed ensuring fine mixing
• Maximum 3600 rpm
• Memory settings allow user to set different mixing durations
• Steel-casing
• CE compliant

• Revolution Speed : Max 3600 rpm
• Rotation Speed : Max 800 rpm
• Mixing capacity : Maximum 150 g (inclusive cupholder, cup and content) about 50 ml/50 g to mix materials

Technical Details

Weight18 kg
Dimensions21 × 25 × 30 cm

Dimensions (d x w x h) cm


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