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Substrate carriers for C1 & Orange Proofer

Substrate carriers for C1 & Orange Proofer

Standard delivery time: 1-2 weeks
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The substrate carrier consists of a plate with a rubber blanket strip on it. The substrate is mounted with the side to be printed upwards, with a piece of tape on the blanket of the carrier.
For papers trips and other thin materials it is recommended always to use the substrate carrier in order to avoid sticking of the substrate to the printing disc. Only for printing on very thick or rigid substrates it is not necessary to use the substrate carrier.
Also it is recommended to use a substrate carrier for only one printing disc width, because by the use of the carrier a groove is formed in the rubber; if a wider printing disc should be used, this groove can be visible in the print. Therefor it is advised to purchase one or more additional substrate carriers when printing discs of different widths are used.

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