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Sometimes it is necessary to send IGT equipment back to our office.

If this is the case, please carefully read the information below:

Important information regarding goods/equipment to be returned to IGT Testing Systems:

  • Please send an email to to announce the return of the goods. After this you will receive a Material Return Form (MRF). You can also download this form at the bottom of this page.
  • With the Material Return Form (MRF) there are instructions for packing and shipping the materials. If these are not sent, incomplete or unclear please contact service and support at
  • If possible pack the materials in its original packaging.
  • Suitable or original packaging material can be ordered from IGT if required.
  • Please make sure the equipment is packed in suitable, sturdy and reusable packaging material.
  • The Material Return Form (MRF) requests detailed information on the problem or reason for returning the materials. The better and more detailed the description the faster we can support you.
  • Please include a copy of the completed MRF in the shipment so we can trace the materials.
  • The Material Return Form (MRF) has to be returned by fax or email to before shipping the instrument so we know what can be expected, when and with which problem.
  • All shipments will be accepted “as received”. We do not take any responsibility for shipping damages.
  • We will not make any remarks on delivery documents except if for us obvious, if we make these comments we are not accepting any responsibility for the completeness and further handling.
  • IGT will make a quotation for the total repair of the instruments, if a separate quotation for shipping damage is required, additional costs will apply.
  • If additional work or action is required e.g. for dealing with insurance companies or expert investigation, additional costs will apply.


Download IGT-Services Material Return Form and Information

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