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IGT and Rheology

For reproducible measurements


Rheology measurements are a major factor in the development and production of printing inks, raw materials for inks and other pasty liquids. Important factors for offset printing inks are tack (or stickiness of the ink), water pick-up, water release and viscosity.


To ensure a consistent quality of an ink, IGT Testing Systems has developed a serie of devices to measure in an efficient, relaible and reproducible way, some of the rheological proporties of offset printing inks and related materials. All devices are fully computer controlled.


The fields of application are Quality Control, Research and Development and troubleshooting. Because of the high repeatability and reproducibility of measurments bij the IGT tack devices, these are widely used by companies at an international level. The measured tack values can be relaible exchanged between facilities to ensure a homogeneous quality thoughout the world.

IGT tack testers are used on:

  • Printing ink industry
  • Security printers
  • Paper mills
  • Pigment-, Resin- and Varnish industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Raw materials
  • Training Centres
  • Universities
  • Research Institutes
  • Tack Tester 450

    Instrument to determine the tack of a paste ink or varnish.

    A very accurate and repeatable tack tester using state of the art electronic sensors. Speed up to 450 m/min. Also useable for misting of ink.

    Standard delivery time: 6 - 8 weeks
    Article number: 810.000.000 Categories: ,

TackTester 450

An accurate tack measuring instrument for the production environment. A rigid construction stainless steel housing for easy cleaning and easy to operate, computer controlled with touch screen display to shows tack, speed, temperature and the combined graphs. The speed is adjustable from 50-450 m/min. Easy calibration and data export via USB are other featurs of this low cost device.

Misting device

An accessory can be added to the IGT TT450 to determine the misting tendency of offset inks. A roll of paper is fed under the ink splitting nip which generates spatter and misting. The slowly moving reel collects the globules and the mist over a period of 30 minutes. After the measuring time the paper can be removed for evaluation either by scanner or visually.

  • TackOscope-3 model SC

    TackOscope-3 model SC: to measure the tack of a paste ink or varnish, with a build in computer and thermostatic waterbath and an automated roller lifting system on the measuring and distribution rollers.

    Standard delivery time: 8-10 weeks
    Article number: 845.000.200 Categories: ,

TackOscope III model SC

All TackOscope’s are equipped with TackMonitor software providing full control over the test procedures, data processing and storage of test results. The results are shown graphically on the display of the device. It is possible to export the data for further analysis direct by to a remote computer or by using a USB-memory stick.

TackOscope-III model LC

The influence of the dampening solution on the ink can be tested on the TackOscope III LC. The behavior of the ink can be assessed, as well as the influence of the dampening fluid. An amount of dampening solution is sprayed onto a specified
ink film, the ink-water balance is evaluated via a built-in camera. A chromium band on the centre roller simulates the offset plate, plate cleaning starts once the proper emulsion has formed. The built-in camera registers the percentage of plate


This device uses tack as function of emulsification. A torque sensor provides information about the change in rheology of the ink as function of emulsification. The HydrOscope tests are based on emulsification of ink and dampening fluid on a roller system, similar to the conditions on a printing press. In terms of droplet size and droplet distribution, the emulsified ink from the HydrOscope is fundamentally different from testers with stirrers. The ink emulsion created on the HydrOscope offers a very close correlation with emulsified ink as found on-press. The HydrOscope enables the user to build a database based upon known performance of ink-fount combinations and enables the inkmaker to detect and predict combinations which can cause ink/water related problems during printing.

Conformance with ASTM D4361 and ISO 12634

Conformance with ASTM D4361 and ISO 12634

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