Customized training programs

IGT Testing Systems offers a variety of training options to gain knowledge and experience regarding IGT test equipment and related test procedures and standards.

Initially we look at the products that are manufactured by your company and in which areas problems may occur. These can often be translated into specific test methods. IGT then makes a list of tests relevant for your products and based on that composes the training syllabus. Such a custom-made training usually takes two or three days.

Users can be trained on site, or at our facilities in Almere, the Netherlands, in Singapore or in Chicago.

Together with you as our customer, we determine the duration and level of the training based on the equipment and the experience of the participating users.

Also for existing IGT customers a training can be offered.

In many companies, the IGT printability tester is often used for one test method only. This is a waste of resources because on most of our testers many more tests can be performed. The tester may have originally been bought for that one specific test or because of reorganizations or retirement, people are no longer working in the department and the knowledge about other tests is lost. This way knowledge gets lost and tests relevant for the company are no longer or not correctly executed. A specific training would update the knowledge of your staff.

We would be happy to discuss your needs and find the perfect solution for your company project.

Please contact us for the possibilities and prices