IGT produces and sells printability testers for many years now. Though we have very high quality standards, we cannot prevent parts from wearing as time will pass. This means that sometimes the equipment needs to come back to our workshop in Almere for repair and/or maintenance.

Unfortunately, most of the time repairs cannot be done on site, as it is just not possible to take all parts with us on tour or the workshop facilities are not available.

If your IGT printability tester needs to come back to the IGT workshop for repair, we kindly request you to complete the IGT Material Return Form (MRF), send it to us by email and put one copy inside the packaging with the instrument. This way we can easily trace the source of the instrument. Note that in many cases the originator details are covered by all kind of labels, which make it unreadable.

Please use, high quality, reusable packaging material for the transport of your instruments to prevent any transport damage. It is preferred that you use the original packaging material, but other good quality transport material will also be accepted. If desired, original packaging material can be obtained from IGT. Material and transport costs will be charged accordingly. Under circumstances IGT can make a loaner available during the time of the repair, in that case the packaging of this instrument can be used for the shipment of the repair instrument.

All instructions regarding the return of the instrument to our office in Almere can be found on the Material Return Form, which can be downloaded below.


  • Send the MRF to IGT.
  • IGT will return the document with the MRF registration number and instructions for shipping, customs value declaration, etc.
  • Send the instrument to IGT insurance and freight pre-paid.
  • After having received your instrument per our instructions, the equipment will be thoroughly checked by one of our technical engineers.
  • We will then send you a detailed quotation.
  • Only after receipt of your approval (Purchase Order) we will start the repairs.
  • When the repairs have been done and the unit is packed and ready for transport we will contact you again for the transport instructions.
  • On the repairs and the used parts there is a 12-month warranty period. For more details, we direct you to our General terms & Conditions which can be downloaded below.

Download IGT-Services Material Return Form and Information