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Amsterdam M&C 1.8

Maintenance & Calibration



Tools needed:
RPM Meter
USB Keyboard


Turn on the Amsterdam & plug the USB keyboard in.

Speed Check

1] Go to Settings







2] Go to Calibrate

3] In the calibration setting you see the tab Sector to check the constant speed.
The Disc 1 to calibrate and validate the force.

3a] Same for Disc 2.

4] Press start and the system tells you to press side buttons.
Ignore that for now.

5- Place the RPM meter on the main shaft & Use the keyboard to press the side buttons by pressing on Shift.

(if there is a safety shield on the sector remove it)

6] Press on 1.0 change the Speed.

7] Adjust it by pressing on the arrows.
Press Ok to save the change.

repeat steps 4 to 6.

Change the value to that you want to measure:
1m/s – 112 rpm +/- 5%
2m/s – 224 rpm +/- 5%
3m/s – 336 rpm +/- 5%
4m/s – 448 rpm +/- 5%

After that you are done with the speed check.








Method of operation

Force Calibration

1] Place your PFM on the first shaft.

2] Go to the tab Disc 1 & press on Start.

3] Press the side-buttons.


4] Read the value of the PFM of Force1.

5] Use the PFM Force list.

6] Change Force 1 by using the arrows.
Press OK to save Force1.

7] Press the side-buttons until the first shaft moves form force1 to force2.


8] Read the value of the PFM of Force2.
Repeat Steps 4 to 6 only this time for force2.

9] Click on Apply to save the changes.

10] Here you can validate the force of the shaft.

11] Measure the all of the 6 values and note them.

12] Click 1 time on the force-value to go on force.
Press on the force-value again to release the force.

13] Adjust if needed the force1 & force2 to get the right validate force-values.
If not go on to the next Disc.

14] Place the PFM on the second shaft.

15] Click on the tab Disc 2.
Repeat the steps 2 to 13 only this time for Disc 2.




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Randstad 22 - 02

1316 BX Almere

The Netherlands

P.O.box 22022

1302 CA Almere

The Netherlands

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