Heatset Dryer

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Article number: 870.000.000

The IGT Heatset Dryer dries a heatset ink using practice temperatures. After drying under identical temperature and speed conditions, the test result can be compared with a print with a reference ink. The heating element in this instrument uses ‘diffuser’ technology to spread the heat evenly over the printed surface from front and back.

Microprocessors continuously monitor the system to maintain a constant temperature in combination with a minimum heat exhaust to the lab, in combination with a low noise level.

An infra-red temperature sensor measures the surface temperature of the paper after it has passed the heat chamber. The instrument is laid out such, that one or two samples can be tested together.

Applicable standards: ASTM 6073

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Heating chamber temperature 30-320 °C.
Measures the ‘line temperature’ of the paper sample immediately after passing the heat chamber using a infra-red temperature sensor.
Blistering tests.

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Weight 41 kg
Dimensions 110 × 30 × 44 cm
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