Carton Force Analyser

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The Hanatek Carton Force Analyser measures the forces that limit the running speed of folding box board packaging. By measuring the stiffness of the substrate and crease bending resistance the user can optimise cartons for faster running and packaging speeds.

  • Printed cartons
  • Flexible packaging
  • Printing, Rubber
  • Linoleum, Leather, Paper
  • Foils, Coatings, Plastics
  • Textiles, Composites

Who measures board stiffness and crease resistance?

Board stiffness and crease resistance are important measures that indicate how a finished carton will run on an automated gluing, filling, or packaging line. Substrate manufacturers, printers, converters, and any manufacturer who fills or packs products in cartons can use this measurement to optimize production.

QA departments use these instruments to check the running attributes of finished cartons prior to conversion and filling, reducing lost production time from slow-running or difficult-to-convert packaging.



The instrument allows individual creases to be analysed identifying problem areas in packaging design or manufacture. Industry research indicates that the packaging speeds of pre-glued skillets is governed by the energy required to open creases. The Hanatek CFA is the first instrument to isolate and accurately measure this key parameter The instrument measures: Bending resistance, bending moment, bending stiffness, crease recover stiffness, crease folding force, crease opening force.

  • Touch screen operation for quick, easy operation
  • Variable sample length, rotation speed and crease angle
  • Connect to a network to allow results or printer sharing
  • On-line graphical help ensures consistant operation within test methods
  • Interactive help routines ensure little training required to operate device
  • Pre loaded with ASTM/TAPPI/ISO methods with the ability to create bespoke tests
  • Compliant to all major international standards


  • Crease folding force at 90˚
  • Crease folding force at any angle up to 145˚
  • Board stiffness at 15˚
  • Board stiffness at 7.5˚
  • Individual crease opening force
  • Whole carton opening force
Resolution Repeatability
Rotation angle(º) 0.01 <0.1
Rotation speed(º/s) 0.001 <0.01
Sample length (mm) 0.01 <0.05
Load Cell (mN) 1 <10
Specifications Detail
Operating system Windows (all)
Weight 7kg (Instrument), 4kg (PC)
Size 220 x 225 x 300 mm

Technical details