Global Standard Tester

IGT is active in several Working Groups and Technical Committees to promote better international standardisation and to provide the members in the Working Groups with first-hand information about the real capabilities of the test equipment. IGT has the convenorship in ISO TC6-SC2-WG21 for printability and TAPPI PPQC pick testing as well as several participations in other working groups as technical expert. With reference to the IGT printability testers there is already a large range of methods written in several organisations. Most of these are based on the well known IGT W-information leaflets which you can  download by clicking on the W-number in one of the following tables.  Below is a list of the current standardized methods and the organisation where the standard or method can be acquired.

(The mentioned standards and methods can not be made available by IGT Testing Systems but have to be ordered through the issuing organisations or through your local national standard organisation.)