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Maintenance and calibration

As most advanced technical equipment also IGT testers need regular maintenance. Some testers also need calibration to be in conformance with the different standards.

If you would like to receive more information on this, please be informed to forward us the serialnumbers of your IGT equipment.

IGT provides different types of maintenance.

In Almere, The Netherlands, in the local IGT branch offices in the USA, Singapore and Japan, all maintenance work can be done. Some testers will however have to come to Amsterdam for some special work for which there are special tools required.

Many things can be done also on site with the customer, calibration, preventive maintenance and small repairs. This is preferably done in combination with a number of customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Maintenance plans:
We offer a range of maintenance plans to meet your needs:

Contract Service : An annual charge provides for all parts and labour needed to keep your IGT equipment in excellent working condition. Both on-site and depot contracts are available.

If available in your area, it is also possible to take part in an IGT Service Tour. This way the traveling costs will be kept to a minimum as it will be borne by more than one customer. These service tours are already taking place in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Poland, Turkey and the USA.
Check with IGT or with your local IGT representative for more information.

Time and Materials Service : Calibration, regular maintenance and/or repairs, either on-site or in depot. All time and materials are billable to the customer.

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