The IGT Amsterdam multi-purpose printability tester takes printability to the Next Level.

Configurations, that are focused on R&D, with a set of different test methods, as well as instruments intended for Quality Control.
The extensive, automated test methods prevent the user from making mistakes and variations in results therefore are minimized.
The optional camera and analysis software takes the IGT Amsterdam to the Next Level in printability testing by eliminating operator bias, when assessing the results.

Easy to operate – Fully automated – Consistent testresults.


Analysis options +

Camera +

Cell depth µm +

Diameter in mm +

Forces +

Inks or liquids +

Lifting system +

Line count l/inch +

Material surface +

Measurement range +

Nr. of doctoring systems +

Nr. of engravings +

Nr. of printing shafts +

Print width in mm +

Screen Angle ° +

Shaft diameter in mm +

Shore A Hardness +

Test method +

Tester +

Type of anilox +

Volume - BCMI +

Volume - ml/m2 +

Water bath and temperature +

Wedge (%) +

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