Set-off Test set for Amsterdam / AIC2-5T2000 / GST2 / 3H

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Article number: 484.000.710.048

The speed of absorption is determined as the moment that the ink penetrates into the paper.
For the offset and letterpress processes this property is very important. If the ink is absorbed too slowly or too fast, it may cause problems.

An absorption, which is too slow, may result in smearing because the ink does not dry fast enough.
An absorption, which is too fast, may result in a reduction of the dry ink properties, too many binding agents penetrate into the paper and leaving the pigments on the surface.

Because of this, abrasion resistance or gloss may be reduced. The test is important when using oxidative drying offset and letterpress inks and varnishes, including the infrared drying inks. The absorption tests are usually carried out as comparative tests. The chosen absorption times may differ with type of paper.
This test can be used in combination with the following IGT Printability testers:

  • Amsterdam 2, 5 and 6
  • AIC2-5T2000
  • AIC2-5
  • Global Standard Tester 2 and 3H
  • A1-3 and A2-3

For more information look at the test method information W48 Set-off (0.7 m/s)

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Complete set for executing the Set-off test.

The content of the set is depending of the IGT Printability Tester on which it will be used.

Therefor we kindly ask you to mention the name and serialnumber of the equipment for which equipment the set is intended.

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